Revenue Cycle Management

Patient demographics

Patient demographic entry to ensure claims will be sent out and paid efficiently.

Provider Credentialing 

Enroll providers with government and commercial payers and initiate and maintain accurate credentialing statuses and ensure timely and clean claim submissions.

Eligibility Verification

Meticulous eligibility and benefit verification to reduce claim denials due to incorrect billing and ensure better collection at first attempt.

Prior Authorization

Obtain quick and timely prior authorization before the care is rendered to ensure that authorization does not hamper patient care or physician billing. 

Charge Entry & Claims Submission

Experienced billing staff that ensures clean charge entry with scrubbing of all claims for fewer denials and underpayments.

Payment Posting

Posts all payments, insurance or patient, and provides daily reconciliation

Account Receivables

Diligent submission tracking and follow up with the payers for quick payment processing and timely denial resolutions.


Complete Reporting to provide clarity on claim status, payment projections, denials and adjustments.

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US Billing Companies looking to leverage the virtual workforce to build flexibility and speed while also shoring up the bottomline


US Billing Companies

Private medical offices that need flexible, fast, experienced and affordable billing services. 


Private Medical Offices & Clinicians

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