Medical Transcription


No lost transcription. No late transcription. No sloppy transcription. No lame excuses. If we don’t deliver as promised, you don’t pay.


Guaranteed 12 to 24 hour turnaround on your regular workflow. Fast, easy access to your patient records 24/7. We even type directly into your EHR.


20+ years of experience transcribing all specialties ranging from simple clinic notes to complex surgery reports to medico-legal transcription. You name it. We have done it. 


No set up fees. No monthly fees. Pay as you go.  Rates that will surprise you.

Who uses us

US Medical transcription Service Organizations and EHR companies who utilize our experienced and virtual workforce to build flexibility and speed while shoring up their bottom line.


MTSO & EHR Companies

Private medical offices that need fast and affordable medical transcription services. Unlike with other outsourced medical transcription farmed out to random internet freelancers, you get the same transcriptionists typing for you every day. No sloppy transcription. No late transcription. No lost transcription.


Private Medical Offices & Clinicians

Our Pricing Plan

No Start up Costs


Fixed Costs

  • Pay As You Go.
  • Free Trial.

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and we will contact you at the earliest. 


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